Take pictures and keep their location

PhotoLocations is your metadata editor for iPhone or iPod Touch.


Collect positions and edit them, add description or keywords. And export these info, of course. PhotoLocations helps you manage the info of your pictures, and make them more valuable by adding info. App functions:

  • automatically get the location of a new picture
  • convert positions to addresses
  • display all pictures on a map
  • edit precisely the position of a picture
  • add a title in the IPTC fields
  • add keywords in IPTC fields
  • export image by image with added metadata in mail
  • export images and metadata using a wifi connection and a browser
  • search image list based on location, title or keywords

Ideal or expert photographers and professional photographers who need to remember a place and an image, add metadata, easily find pictures based on keywords.

It is available on the AppStore For support, don't hesitate to contact me by email :