It's just Me Myself and I

About the guy

It's just me, Myself and I

I develop iPhone, iPad and Mac Apps. When I don’t stick my fingers on a keyboard, I run, hike, ski, and take pictures. I have my own company, eComposite.

With eComposite, I publish apps such as 3,2,1 Run, its free with in-app purchase sibling and smaller apps such as Cycle, PhotoGPS.

As a independent developer, I also publish apps you can view on this site such as MetaEditor.

I do also contracting work for others.


I write the blog using my mac using plain markdown files and Cactus. Formerly, I used dotclear, Wordpress, VoodooPad.

My Mac is currently a 2012 MacBook Pro 13". I love it and wouldn't give it to anyone for any reason. The best computer I ever had.

My iPad is a Mini Retina, with 64 GB of storage and 3G.