I'm quite happy to know that next week we'll get a new device to play with, I'm done with creating new versions of all my apps for iPhone 5, and I'd really enjoy to work on a new new form factor. NOT!

Anyway, most of my apps that are in use out there have bee updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6, even 3,2,1,Run which has been quite a pain, frankly with the new settings on the GPS recording, and Cycle which stopeed recording GPS altogether.

So these apps have been updated:

  • 321Run, your personal trainer
  • PhotoGPS a utility app for recording your location all the time to geolocate pictures
  • Cycle, your free cycling partner
  • Meta Editor, the tool to edit and save metadata, IPTC, GPS and exif data on your iPad and iPhone (Universal app)
  • Meta Browser, which allows you to review metadata from pictures in your camera roll on your iPhone.

Yes, I still have to work on Photo Locations, and the other smaller apps I did before. I'm just witholding until I know the size of the new little iPad before I get into it and redo all apps that need a new size all at once...

Publié le 19 Oct 2012
Écrit par Cyril