Giving back, one app at a time

Of course, there is the iPad 2. I live in France, so I can only wait for it to arrive here (if it does in time). There's also this message from Twitter that they are looking at third party developers with a bad feeling, and that developing clients is no more acceptable. That's rocking my world and my relations on Twitter these days. How futile… In the meantime, hundreds, probably thousands of people in Japan have died in a terrible earthquake, and others are facing a delicate nuclear situation, in a country where the only atomic bombs have detonated to kill people. You can pray for Japan and for people you know there.

But helping them requires money. Even in one of the richest nations of the world.

So I decided that I'd give all the money I make from my app 321run for this week end to a fund that would help save lives (and by all, I mean all).

That's not a lot, but you can make it more. And that's what I can do. I don't know yet which fund will get that money, probably MSF, or the red cross.

But it will be to help save lives. If you already have 321Run, or else, don't hesitate to give to your local organization. Money will be more helpful than prayers.

Publié le 12 Mar 2011
Écrit par Cyril