Verizon iPhone? No thanks

I am quite surprised by a comment in that ars article, stating that an iPhone on Verizon next work would be great for both actors. Given the recent history of control from Verizon, I don't think it's in Apple best interest to cut a deal with Verizon. Having a CDMA device that works on Verizon network is another story. I like the economic model that Apple used with the first iPhone. Get a full, free from any subsidy iPhone and use it on any network. Today I tried to put my wife's bouygtel sim card in her Orange subsidized iPhone. I suddenly remembered how annoying that story is: I had to give her back my own unsubsidized 3G. ----- Update after the release of the VZW iPhone: I was wrong. Apple succeeded the tour de force of not having any VZW clutter around its phone. Great for both of them, and apparently it worked well, saleswise.

Publié le 26 Sep 2010
Écrit par Cyril