Downloading XCode Beta builds with Curl

These days, I'm in the center of nowhere. I get the best ADSL connection this side of the desert: 512Kb/s, with multiple de-connections each day, and a bandwidth that evolves during the day, because other people are on the same link to the other side of nowhere. That's the way it is in small villages of the countryside in France. Given that XCode and iOS Betas are 2.8 + 0.4 GB, I get mad. I tried twice to download using Safari, only to see the connection lost at 2.2 GB. ah ah ! So I use curl. I identified myself with Firefox on the developer web site, then started the download. Which I stopped immediately. I then exported all my cookies using Cookie Exporter, an add on. At last, I could use curl to launch the download curl -v -C - -O -b cookies.txt -C - will restart the download from where it stopped in case your download suddenly stops 145M before the end (live experience). cookies.txt is the exported file of all my cookies. This tip brought to you by Justin Lloyd and transformed by me in curl.

Publié le 6 Aug 2010
Écrit par Cyril