AppStore Review Team, this time you are wrong

Today, I got another rejection by the AppStore review team. For this:


Yes, because of this icon. Why? because it looks like a Polaroid film. The app, when it will be released, one day, will be A similar story happened to TweetPhoto last year apparently, but there is no blog post on that matter anymore on their web site it seems. Well, if you look for "polaroid iphone logo" on Google you might discover some articles. I won't discuss the fact that the icon looks like an old Polaroid film. It does. But a Polaroid film is not a copyrighted or trademark thing. If you look at Polaroid web site, you will notice their logo/brand/copyrighted logo is the name of the brand with 9 squares/diamonds. If you try to find a protected, or trademark using the same image from Polaroid, you probably won't find (well, finding something that was protected a long time ago is always very hard, and I won't pay a legal firm to do it). If you look on Apple's AppStore for items that use the same image regardless of the imaginary protection, well… You will find apps that have been accepted. Look at the splash screen for PhotoPad PhotoPad
Icon Look at this app on the AppStore It's not one image of a Polaroid film, but 4! What Am I Gonna Do? Just bend over and walk under the Caudine forks of Apple. Pay some more to have the designer modify the icon, which really annoys me because I already paid and selected this one from a contest I did. And it is original work I asked for. Because I think this app should be on the AppStore, because photographers have asked for it. And you know what? I'm angry, I feel it is really unfair, I have some pain doing it. But I will do it. As a side note: Here's the message I sent to Apple when submitting my app. ---- There was a comment that the icon is copyrighted work by Polaroid. I think you may be mistaken regarding the ownership of the picture icon. It is not a Polaroid logo. It is original artwork exclusive to me. No polaroid artwork is used in the app. I had the artwork created by a designer named Ernesto Lopez. I have a copyright contract available here:

The Polaroid Logo is a rainbow of colors, as seen on I don't use the name polaroid, in the description or the app. The app has nothing to do with Polaroid except the subject is photography. As per my contract, I still represent and warrant that my application does not infringe the rights of another party. Again. And there is prior art.

This app uses the same kind of icon: this one too: And especially this one: Thanks for your warning. ---------------

Just for fun:


Yes I like it. Yes, it sucks.


Meta Editor has finally been accepted in the AppStore, with a slightly different app Icon. I had to pay for the changes, of course. Well, I asked the graphic designer to make a change and proposed him some money to do it. He was very kind, understanding and helpful. What made me most angry is that I sent a follow-up email to the appreview team, asking which image was a problem (there is the app icon, but also the photo library button). I'm still waiting for the answer. Actually, after 4 days without any answer, I resubmitted with the new icon.

Publié le 9 Jul 2010
Écrit par Cyril