The best icon resources for iPhone development

I came accross different stock resources for iPhone icons that I used and found useful. Some of them are very easy to find, some are harder. Hoping it will interest somebody else than me. * Glyphish is probably your first stop. Joesph Wain did a very nice job of creating high quality icons for different uses that are of different sizes and different formats, and it's free with licence (please read). I was amongst the one who gave him money when he started that collection, and I feel I have a small part in the success and quality of that set. You're welcome ;-) Plus I'm happy to use them in different apps. * app-bits has another very nice set of free, quality icons. The licence is Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License which makes it easily usable. * Eddit also has a very nice set of 160 icons. It is 69USD, but this is money well spent. Thanks to Eddy Wilson. All these resources provide icons for toolbar or tab bar. They are level of gray with an alpha mask resources. If you need colored icons, you should have them hand made. The three guys up there seem to make custom icons. I don't know how available they are. There are other valuable people you could contact, here are their Twitter handles: * @cocoia (he makes great t-shirts too ;-) * @desaulniers * @Iconfactory Don't forget the number one rule: use system icons when available and stick to their meaning. It will make the user experience easier ("huh what is that icon for?") As a general rule, I stopped accepting comments, but if you think I should add a name or resource, please contact me by mail as cyril on this domain. _Update_ Actually, Stefaan Lesage from devia remembered me last night during the monthly meeting that he had written a similar article back in september. He has different resources to talk about, worth a read.

Publié le 18 Feb 2010
Écrit par Cyril