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What is the problem?

Contrary to most people, I think that many iPhone apps are crap because this is what people want. It is not Apple's fault. Instead they write long guidelines to explain how to do great apps. They spend some time sending evangelists around the world to provide developers with advanced insight on the platform. It is usually not the geek's fault. We don't use crappy apps. We use nice intelligent apps. We occasionally fuss at nnw and prefer reeder, or we cheat on twitterrific with tweetie. We're in that level of usage with apps. Look at the first screens on http://firstand20.com/ and tell me if you see a farting app, or even two useless apps in that catalog. No, there are well done apps for people who care. But the iPhone is first a phone. And people first see it as a phone, a gadget to show off around them. This is the cultural difference. Most of us see it as an Internet device or a computer device. Most of them see it as a phone, with gizmos to entertain. Eventually, they will make up their mind, or switch to another platform if they don't have the time to learn. We have to be patient. Don't forget this platform is 16 months old. Yes, 16. I hope the reviewers will continue to refuse apps that have minimal use. Can we also vote against them? \

Publié le 20 Nov 2009
Écrit par Cyril