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Mixing iPod and your own sounds

If you want to mix your app's sounds with the iPod music in Os 3.0, you probably already know you should use an audiosession category to do so. But with that setting, the volume level of your app and the iPod are paired. If you want to lower the volume of the iPod to give more intensity to your sounds, you actually also reduce your volume. I know, I tried ita lot. Hidden in the documentation is the setting you are looking for. Its description is self explanatory, so I will just give you the name. kAudioSessionProperty_OtherMixableAudioShouldDuck One caveat though: you need to unset it when your app quits. Otherwise it has the same effect on the phone app: the music doesn't stop. -- Post From My iPhone\

Publié le 11 Nov 2009
Écrit par Cyril