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1.2 for everybody

I' m getting close to the one year anniversary of my first submission to the AppStore, so I may write a little more on that blog to tell stories, share my experiences etc. In the meantime, I'm having some kind of baby blues, or "post-release depression". I'm not totally immune to rejection, but I hope it won't happen on the updates I have uploaded these past days. Because all 321run versions have been updated to 1.2. It is a nice release, a .1 for sure, but with a lot of things. First, I took some time while on holidays to criticize how things were. I didn't want a major release, so I haven't been too hard with myself, but I wanted to look at it with fresh eyes and find all details that could have a quick and nice enhancement. I did find a lot of details, such as dates description, some places where the text was longer than the label holding it, places where interaction was possible when it shouldn't have been etc etc. Second, listening to the sound advice from some great people (I think I read that in an interview of Will Shipley), I wanted to focus that update on a subject. So I decided trainings and plans were the thing to focus on. So I did: * new plans (three new categories) * new type of plan (based on distance, not duration) * ability to record sessions that have already been run * ability to set a custom distance or a custom duration That's four lines, but endless hours of coding. I hate it when I write something as simple as that, and cannot explain how long it was, how I had to break things to make other things work. Well, anyway. With the plans, I updated the help to ive more advice on diet, time to run etc. I also tried to push a little bit more the paid version to help on sales, in the free version. First of all, I added a reminder to rate the app after 10 days. It happens once, but it should help me have more and better ratings. I also added a link to the AppStore paid version from the free version. I have an issue with the paid version and iTunesConnect, the back office to publish apps, as a bug correction release is still in the pipe. And I need to wait for it to be out to be able to create a new update. But otherwise, all versions have been uploaded. Now if someone could also help me find out how to build all three targets at once, I'd love to. Last thing I did is move the settings out of the way: I realised I didn't use it more than once, so it needs only to be in the Settings app. And it gives me more screen real estate for 1.5 1.5 will be a little longer to push out. Many many things are planned, and not small ones. Maybe I'll push other minor versions in the meantime (thanks Git). As always, updates are free, so if you're waiting for 1.2 or 1.5 features, buy it now and you'll get them for free when the updates are released.

Publié le 15 Aug 2009
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