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'Nike+ for the rest of us iPhone/iPod owners: 321Run Lite'

I am happy to announce that last sunday, 321Run Lite was released on the AppStore. It it my 6th app ont hte App Store (with two made for others), and probably the one I have spent the most time on before releasing it, trying to refine things as much as I could. 321Run Lite is a running notebook for iPhone and iPod. It works on all iPhones and iPod versions. It is also a coach for your preferred music player. The basic idea is to record how long you run, and add trainings based on time, not distance. For example, the basic training helps you start running by starting slowly with interval runs, and then helps you increase the length of your runs. It is like Nike+ for the rest of us. If you want to start running but are not sure to make a financial commitment, or are so broke after you bought a new iPhone, you have this nice application. And the trainings are really nice to use: plug your earphones, start the music from iPod and start the app. So far, this free application is doing fine, in France. in the US, it is still below 50th rank in its category. Deutschland issn't too bad either. I'm using MajicRank from Majicdave to follow the ranks worldwide and I'm quite happy to use this app. It is very helpful. With AppSales Mobile, it gives me a good overview of 'sales', or rather downloads. 321Run Lite is the little brother of 321Run, another running app which was supposed to be released before 321Run Lite. But you know Apple review process... 321Run is still lost in app review process, and I am now desperate to see it be approved one day, especially if (the review team continues to test running apps in the comfort of a desk chair)[http://cyrilgodefroy.com/blog/index.php/2009/06/your-application-has-been-rejected/]. I know it will eventually be released. I just hope it is before my marketing campaign money is exhausted. I am looking for more reviews in english to help the app take off. This marketing stuff is killing me, but I know it is really necessary and efficient to get to a level where the app auto promotes itself. If you have nice ideas or can provide me promo space, or want to test it and review it on your blog, be my guest.

Publié le 4 Jul 2009
Écrit par Cyril