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App Submitted

My running/coach/track/trail app has been submitted to the AppStore Review Process Gods. I am anxious, so to stop being anxious, I'm spending the better part of my time trying to find all the best combination of marketing, advertising to help the app find it's target buyers. Well, I should have thought about that and spent more time on it before. Because it takes an AWFUL lot of time, and you don't have enough. There are the most simple things, like writing a press release, or two, or three. There is the work of finding people who might review the app. There is the work of finding the right iphone app review web site. And there's the rest of it. I am also working on a lite version for iPod users. I am following the advice of @bmf, regarding the targets in XCode. In the meantime, I also work a lot for Witbe, travelling to London in the week to see a broadcaster, following SFR for their next perfromance audit. OK, croisons les doigts. Oh, the small app I did for Witbe is on the AppStore. If you're a witbe curstomer, check the Witbe Widget for iPhone.

Publié le 26 May 2009
Écrit par Cyril