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Adwords plays a dangerous game with trademarks

I just came accorss something which I need to comment on. I tried creating an adword campaign for my gps tracker software that works exclusively on the iPhone last week. Google didn't allow me because 'iPhone is a trademark'. OK Let's try i-Phone, which is not : same issue. Let's try iPh0ne (with a zero) : same answer. I did ask for a derogation in the first place, commenting that I was a certified iPhone developer, that my application was only for the iphone , that I had a contract with Apple : still no answer after one week, and no derogation accepted. Boo. So I tried to create a campaign using HTC Dream : is that a trademark? Ja mein Herr, es ist. Dream ok. but HTC, definitely. I also noticed that many of the recomendations for keywords used the word Garmin , which in the Oxford Concise Dicionary I have is not a noun. Looks like a trademark to me. Well, guess what? makins ads fo Garmin or HTC Dream is OK! Is there a conflict betweeen Google Adwords and Google, the Android provider? I don't know but the rules are bent just a little too much to me.

Publié le 22 Mar 2009
Écrit par Cyril