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NikePlus is a closed platform

I've had a bad experience today. With the latest versions of iPod Software and Nike Plus, all your runs are certificate-signed. So you cannot change the data inside the XML or create a new data file if you've missed a run. That sucks! And if you're using something else to track your runs today, you cannot upload anymore to Nike+.com, event if you had an account in the first place. Sucks too! This is definitely a case of not being able to use your data valid through the ages, despite the promise that was made. I am really disappointed. And I think that it is not a good move on Nike's part. You should better be able to upload many types of data on their web server instead of just the Nike+ data. Nowadays, you can have an iPhone, or a Garmin, or a Polar, or a Suunto. Where is all this data going? I don't want it on Nike Plus anymore. I'll use another web site, that's all, and they'll never see my ipod data again.

Publié le 20 Mar 2009
Écrit par Cyril