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Watch out your dispatch.fcgi

I've been messing with my server today as I upgraded it to Rails 2. One of the things I did too is update totally Rails on my Mac, and then, when code was up to date and everything worked, I uploaded as a brute the files.

I even uploaded public/dispatch.fcgi . That's when things started to go terribly wrong. As I made other small changes, it took some time to find out, but my lighttpd server was stopping whenever I tried to reload it with a message like this :

2008-03-21 18:29:27: (mod_fastcgi.c.999) execve failed for: /www/guide/public/dispatch.fcgi No such file or directory 2008-03-21 18:29:27: (mod_fastcgi.c.1025) the fastcgi-backend /www/guide/public/dispatch.fcgi failed to start: 2008-03-21 18:29:27: (mod_fastcgi.c.1029) child exited with status 2 /www/guide/public/dispatch.fcgi ... And so on

Turns out Mac F.. OS X.5 has a special path for Ruby, something like


which is quite different from the one I hav on my Ubuntu server :

!/usr/local/bin/ruby. That single line caused all the trouble, but

none of the error messages pointed to that direction.

Publié le 21 Mar 2008
Écrit par Cyril Godefroy