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Who's that guy?

Hi, my name is Cyril Godefroy, I'm 37 with a wife and 3 boys.

Although I've been in a graduate school of management, I rather work in the tech world. I've been a project manager for several multimedia cds, and I've been managing or developing web sites since 1996. The projects I've worked on are as diverse as a small institutional web site for a fashion competition, up to portals with value services for telcos, media or Isp (aol, noos, sfr or France Television). I practice fluently php, rails, java with different flavors of WebObjects or Tapestry.


Since september 2006, I'm specialized in quality of service and performance. As of february 1st, 2008, I'll be working with Witbe, the leader of quality of experience control in France.

I also write iPhone Applications, such as TrackMe, a handy tool to track your moves when you go out walking, biking, or when you make pictures.

I have written an e-book, still only available in french, which describes the performance issues that can undermine a web site, measures to enhance performance, and method to analyze the real kind of issues, and help set the priority on performance.

I also love photography. Not so much the fact of knowing which camera is the best, but having a camera in the hand and taking pictures of places, people, anywhere and everywhere. Helping others making better pictures is something that helps me make better pictures too. I wrote an e-book in French to explain the basics of digital photography.

Publié le 1 Jun 2007
Écrit par Cyril Godefroy